Real Estate Mauritius

Invest in Real Estate in Full Ownership in Mauritius

Mauritius is a top destination for travelers, tourists and foreign investors and benefits from a constantly evolving economic development. The Mauritian real estate sector offers many advantages and great opportunities to all foreigners wishing to invest and settle in Mauritius. The property offer in Mauritius is aimed at a large number of Mauritian and foreign buyers who are interested in investing in high-end real estate properties in full ownership. For foreign investors wishing to invest in properties, this country represents a particularly interesting aspect since beneficial rules are applied. New legal frameworks and standards are set up by the Mauritian government so as to make homeownership more accessible to all types of buyers.

Acquisition of Properties by Mauritian Citizens and Foreign Citizens - Mauritius

The real estate market in Mauritius is very well organized, it secures and protects the property rights of foreign investors and Mauritians. These luxury real estate programs are framed by the IRS, RES, PDS and G + 2 schemes and are designed to guarantee a level of comfort and an exceptional service in Mauritius. These programs were created in order to support this real estate market, to open it to foreign investors and to improve access to property in Mauritius. These projects are modern villas, apartments and houses that are built in international standards with high-quality real estate infrastructure in luxurious residences. These real estate programs are located around the island but the vast majority of these residential estates are located in the vicinity of towns and tourist villages and also in required localities like the north and west. Some residential complexes offer a variety of high-end services such as marinas, golf courses, individual swimming pools, restaurants, sports complexes, spas, rental management services, concierge services and plenty of land and water activities.

Rental Investment in Mauritius

Mauritius is the perfect destination to make secure and profitable investments. Owners purchase to better invest and achieve their immovable property by means of rental investment. Rental investment is an alternative favored by many foreign investors who are also attracted by the real estate sector’s performance in Mauritius. These foreign investors opt for a beautiful apartment in full ownership in a tourist area and in an idyllic setting and hope to get an exceptional profit on their investment. This island in the Indian Ocean has a very wide choice of luxury real estate with high guaranteed results in the short and long term which will allow them to generate additional income. Rental investment is becoming more and more profitable in Mauritius. But buying an apartment, a villa or a house and renting it out is not the only solution when one wishes to add a property to its inheritance. Indeed, real estate prices have rapidly increased in the rental market and these foreigners are looking for the most profitable solution to diversify their wealth. In addition, the absence of tax on earnings in Mauritius, allows the foreign investor to invest the most cost-effective way so as to increase his wealth.

The Real Estate Market in Mauritius

Mauritius today expects many tourists and foreigners looking for right addresses to make a worthwhile real estate investment. The Mauritian property market has been highly successful with investors and the demand continues to rise. Nowadays, real estate occupies a very important market in Mauritius and ensure a potential clientele constantly increasing. Make a real estate purchase in Mauritius to acquire your dream house and become an owner of an apartment, a penthouse or a freehold villa in one of the real estate residences in Mauritius.

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