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The Educational System of Mauritius

The school system in Mauritius is mainly based on the British education system and is divided into four categories such as pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary. The island has many schools in all villages and towns so as to provide Mauritian and expatriate children with excellent education. This country offers children a public and private education system, from kindergarten to university that meets international standards. Public institutions are mostly managed by the Mauritian government and are equipped with a free education in primary and secondary schools. Given that most schools and colleges are government institutions, uniform is mandatory for all Mauritian school children. Mauritius has also many fee-paying private institutions that offer English and French educational systems. Mauritius offers a wide range of schools depending on what you want for your child. Your child can continue his education in the bilingual, French or English education system. The vast majority of these schools are equipped with computer equipment and specific teaching materials to improve student learning and success.

French Educational Institutions

Mauritius has an important network of French schools which are the Lycée La Bourdonnais located in Curepipe, The North School located in Mapou, the Pierre Poivre College located in Moka, the Lycée des Mascareignes located in Moka and the Paul et Virginie School in Tamarin. Your children will have no difficulty integrating since the French educational institutions in Mauritius offer a system that suits the requirements of education programs in France. These different French schools maintain a high level of education and are subject to registration fees.

English Educational Institutions

Mauritius also welcomes English educational institutions which are: Northfields International High School located in Mapou, Le Bocage International School in Moka, Clavis International Primary School in Moka, International Preparatory School in Mapou, Lighthouse Primary and Secondary School in Calebasses, Hampton School located in Quatre-Bornes and Curepipe, Westcoast International Secondary School in Flic-en-Flac and St Nicholas Grammar School located in Phoenix.

Higher Educational Establishments - Public and Private

Mauritius offers Mauritians and foreign students the opportunity to register in a public or private higher education institution. These tertiary institutions are: The University of Mauritius, located in Reduit in the center of the island, the University of Technology of Mauritius, located in Port Louis, the Université des Mascareignes, located in Rose-Hill, Mauritius Institute of Education, located in Moka, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, located in Moka, the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry, located in Quatre-Bornes, the Medine Education Village in Bambous, the Middlesex University in Flic-en-Flac, the Charles Telfair Institute in Moka, and many others.

The Alliance Française in Mauritius

The registered office of the Alliance Française of Mauritius is situated at Bell Village. This institution was created in 1884 and is one of the oldest in the world. The Alliance Française has 6 offices located in Triolet, Goodlands, Mahebourg, Souillac, Black River and Rodrigues. Its missions in Mauritius are to promote French language and culture throughout the country. The establishment provides French courses to Mauritians of all ages so that they can participate to the Alliance Française competition. Specialized Schools (Learning Disabilities) in Mauritius Our country offers to all children who struggle, the opportunity to go to school and learn in specialized institutions. These organizations provide students with normal schooling and give them the chance to progress at their own pace. These schools include the Ruth School Special Education Needs Society (SENS), Association of Parents of Inadapted Children of Mauritius (APEIM), Parents' Association for the Rehabilitation of Motor Injuries (APRIM), the Anou Grandi Association, the Center for the Progress and Education of Children (CEPEH), the Dream and Hope Association, the Association of the Sick and Disabled of the East - Joie de Vivre Center, the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center initiated by the Non-Governmental Organization Autism Mauritius(CEDAM). These schools have infrastructures suitable to the needs of dyslexic children and those in educational difficulty.

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