Real Estate Mauritius

Mauritius - An Advantageous Taxation

Mauritius, located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, has through the years been one of the favorite destinations for tourists and expatriates. This country continues to attract many foreigners not only for its sunny climate, its gorgeous beaches, its magnificent lagoon, its close proximity with Reunion Island, its exceptional culture and heritage but especially for its favorable tax conditions.

Why Invest in Mauritius

The Mauritian government has settled a light, simple and attractive tax system to support the development of real estate investment. This program promotes foreign nationals, whether investors, professionals or retirees, to live, invest or work in Mauritius.

Local Tax and VAT – Mauritius

Since its opening to foreign investments in 2002, Mauritius has allowed its residents to enjoy an exceptional living environment and a lower tax rate thanks to its very advantageous taxation.

  • 15% tax on the Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • 15% tax on local companies
  • 15% tax on profits or personal income
  • No taxation on real estate gains (in case of resale)
  • No wealth tax (ISF)
  • No inheritance tax

Real Estate - A Good Way to Reduce Wealth Tax (ISF)

Mauritius has signed a double tax treaty with several countries, including France. Its aim is to enable these foreign and retired investors who are resident in Mauritius to benefit from a very favorable tax environment. This agreement specifies that real property purchased on Mauritian territory is not subject to tax in France. On the other hand, there is no property tax or housing tax in Mauritius and your Mauritian property will be excluded from the calculation of your French heritage. So, your property located in Mauritius will not be declared under the ISF and Mauritian real estate income is not taxable in France.

Real Estate Investment - Taxation of Rental Income

Owning immovable property in Mauritius can bring great investment opportunities. The real estate market in Mauritius is doing very well and its environment is strongly favorable for a property investment. Quality real estate programs such as RES, IRS, G + 2 and PDS houses, villas and apartments are built in different parts of the island. Rental property investment in Mauritius is considered one of the safest and most profitable investments. It is indeed an effective way to build a valuable heritage while enjoying tax benefits.

Create its Local and Offshore Company in Mauritius for Taxation Property Taxation 2019

Mauritius is now recognized to offer a very advantageous tax and economic stability. This scenic island occupies the top of the ranking in the real estate sector and through its light taxation put in place to appeal to foreign investors and retirees, it ensures its position on the world market...

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